I gots ta go

Sitting in a waiting room with people who, I feel, are so different from me. I don’t look like them. From the smell of some of them, I don’t operate the same as them either.

Like, sir it is 1:00pm my time. Why do you smell like you attempted to drink your HIV positive status away before you showed up to this appointment?

Anywho, it doesn’t matter how much I would like to disconnect myself from AIDS… I have already met the prerequisite. I done caught the dang human immunodeficiency virus.

There’s no coming back from it. No matter how hard I close my eyes, it ain’t going anywhere. So, what does one do from here? Just lay down and wait for my fate to crush me at any moment?

Uhhhh. No.

I will love. I will educate. I will be that open book that we often shy away from. Because if I can help ONE person make wiser decisions then I know my have fulfilled my purpose here.

What not to do: Suffer in silence. Make sure you get things off your chest. Acknowledge those feelings and emotions.

+ Ci Ci +

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