Sister Mom

Come on man. I know we don't want to talk about, or even think about it. But we got to. Read: Kinfolk messin wit kinfolk. Uhhh, that's pretty uncomfortable. It was something that I thought only happened in certain households. You know?! But in speaking more with professionals who counsel for a living, I have… Continue reading Sister Mom

Help or shut up

I've been reading lately a lot about the expectations that we have of young teenage girls. We expect for them to make really wise decisions. We expect for them to know what to do with their vaginas just because they have one. Below is an actual representation of what I knew about sex when I… Continue reading Help or shut up

One too many

I was in a Facebook group one day and the question was posed: Would you date someone who is HIV positive ... ? You can only imagine the responses that were posted. Mostly negative; some supportive. I get it. But there was this one response that stuck out. The lady was like, It's enough people… Continue reading One too many