One woman show

Sometimes people ask me the question, What is it that you do? Hell, I don't know. I guess I do it all ... ... I'm a caretaker. My calendar is full of appointments that don't belong to me. I've visited doctor's offices of which I can't even pronounce the practices. I've learned how to read… Continue reading One woman show

Live or die

I absolutely hate taking medicine. Especially this HIV shit. They told me at the beginning that I would have to take medicine everyday. But damn y'all ... I really gotta take medicine everyday. 😩 It's like this anchor that reminds me daily of my positive HIV status. Sometimes, I like to pretend that it is… Continue reading Live or die


This one time, I thought I was going to die. No exaggeration. I thought I was out of here. And I wasn't the one trying to do it this time. Instead, it was at the hands of this dude. Just this random that I had met in a random way. Check it ... I met… Continue reading ESC