Liquid gold

I talk often about finding the silver lining in the dark times in our lives... ... yet, I am fully aware of how difficult this can be at times. Sometimes, I just feel really ungrateful. I guess that is what you would call it.  You know, there are times when X and Y go the… Continue reading Liquid gold

I see you sis

Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day! As a woman living with HIV, I am here to let you know about some shit ... Look, society. I'm siccud. There seems to be the unwritten code of how a woman should conduct herself. Women are supposed to be dainty and proper. Women are supposed… Continue reading I see you sis

Output: Love

Heal, they said. It will make you feel better, they lied. Whew, chile! I must say that my healing adventure has been quite a one. I have talked to people from the past and addressed those times when I feel that they have wronged me. I have accepted apologies and cried. And then cried some… Continue reading Output: Love


I wrote the following post originally for The Well Project and HelloBeautiful for #BlackAIDSDay and in case you missed it ... I am sharing it here. ❤️ Thank you all for your support ❤️ ***************************************** I have made a few mistakes in my life. Who am I kidding? I have made MANY mistakes in my… Continue reading Shameless

Uh oh

What do you feel about religion? I know we are not supposed to talk about this either but I can't help it. (Real quick: the purpose of this post is not to offend but rather to detail my own personal journey ❤️) So, I was raised Christian; Baptist to be more specific. I went to… Continue reading Uh oh

Not a toy

I used to go out often. I frequented the bars where dancehall and soca was played most because this was definitely my type of scene. Usually, it would be by myself because I don't have too many friends. Especially not the type of friends who would go to the after-after parties with me. I used… Continue reading Not a toy